• Power Generation

Power Generation

In October 2011 Sotravic became the first Independent Power Producer to supply, to the Central Electricity Board (CEB), energy produced solely from a Renewable Source. The plant will generate 110 million Kwh over the next 5 years. The process involves the conversion of Landfill Gas into Energy by means of electrical generators capable of running on Landfill Gas.

Previously the Landfill Gas collected at the Mare Chicose Landfill Site was simply flared, however the gas contains approximately 50% Methane and thus represents an important source of energy. For Gas management and specifically the capture of methane gas, Sotravic installed numerous additional vertical gas wells up to 30m deep. In addition manifolds were installed to improve the collection. The manifolds play an important role in optimizing the management of landfill gas by allowing precise control over each gas well in one easily accessible location.

The plant generates about 3Mw of clean renewable electricity per month which is released into the national grid. To date more than 40Mw have been produced and CO2 emissions reduced by more than 40,000tonnes.

The project complies with the CDM requirements and is registered with UNFCCC under the Kyoto Protocol for the generation and sale of Carbon Credits (CER’s).