• csr program

SOTRAVIC has been focusing and giving support to collective and social actions at large for long and many years, well before the introduction of the Corporate Social Responsibility in 2009 by the relevant authority –The Company is also an active participant in every community where it operates.

SOTRAVIC collaborates with Local Government, Institutions and NGOs working on recognized needs while being consistent with its own business goals. The Company has been spending, over the years, more than 1% of its profits chargeable to income tax, on civic actions and supports. In 2011, The Pierre Ah Sue Foundation was set up in line with the guidelines of the National CSR Committee to manage the company CSR Fund and related activities in the Community.

Pierre Ah Sue Foundation
PASF has close collaboration with stakeholders running and participating in integrated programs which aim at making a difference on the ground.  It seeks to assist and promote, and in some instances, to initiate actions along the following lines in six social domains:

  1. Education, making knowledge accessible to vulnerable youth as well as encouraging training and professional integration of persons in difficulty,
  2. Health improvement, promoting personal hygiene and disease prevention as well as improving the living conditions of seniors and sick persons,
  3. Social integration, encouraging the integration of vulnerable people, young persons from problematic neighbourhoods and persons with disabilities,
  4. Environment, encouraging the preservation of the environment, of biodiversity and promoting sanitation generally,
  5. Social Cohesion, supporting community development and strengthening of social ties generally, and
  6. Sports, encouraging the practice of sports, both at high level and for leisure as a means of improving citizens’ quality of life.
Pierre Ah Sue Foundation