• Sotravic MEP


Sotravic realized early on that the majority of the Group’s water and sewer projects require a high level of electro-mechanical and pump station expertise.

As a result, it was decided to incorporate Sotravic MEP Ltd as a dedicated service provider focusing on providing the best possible solution in terms of the Mechanical and Electrical requirements.

Today, Sotravic MEP is responsible for all designs, integration and installation of complex electronics with mechanical and electrical components for both internal and external clients.

No matter what type of facility you require, SMEP have established partnerships with leading specialists and equipment suppliers in areas such as water / sewer treatment plants, pumping stations, telemetry, etc.

Our MEP Services Include:

  • Design, Supply and Installation of all pumps and equipment including control panels, chambers, pipework and ducting
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Standby Diesel generators,
  • Street Lighting,
  • Fire Alarm Installation and Protection,
  • Fuel storage systems,
  • Hydraulic Protection,