• landfill management

Landfill Management

In November 2005 Sotravic JV was awarded the contract to operate, maintain and post-closure management of the Mare Chicose Landfill site, which also included the construction of additional cells.

Mare Chicose The landfill is situated on a 32Ha plot of land and consists of waste cells and infrastructure.

Waste is received from the five transfer stations located throughout the island of which Sotravic manages two. Waste from the South region is directly hauled to the landfill site. The landfill site receives and manages about 1200 T of waste daily. The cumulative amount of waste received since November 2005 until October 2010 is around 4.3Mtons.

Leachate collected is pumped and shifted to Roche Bois Pumping station. An average volume of 500m3 of leachate is carted away daily.

The management and operation of the Mare Chicose Sanitary Landfill Site carries a high environmental responsibility and Sotravic on its own initiative has installed a state-of-the art system for the collection and destruction of Greenhouse Gasses financed in part by the sale of Carbon Credits on the world market.