• sewerage


As in the case of Potable Water Sotravic has also been at the heart of installing various major new Sewer pipeline networks in order to conserve the environment and reduce pollution. Prior to 2006 Mauritius had little by way of established Sewer networks. In response Sotravic combined forces with international contractors to execute 4 of the 5 largest sewer construction projects awarded to date in Mauritius.

The principal objectives of these projects were to:

  1. Protect the coastal environment;
  2. Avert pollution of surface and ground water resources;
  3. Reduce health risk due to inadequate collection, treatment and disposal of sewage;
  4. Contribute to sustainable socio-economic development

Sotravic continues to use its increasing experience, extensive plant and equipment resources and financial strength to consolidate its position as market leader in the field of Sewer infrastructure. To date Sotravic has installed Rs 8bn of Sewer infrastructure projects consisting of 400km of sewer pipeline networks, 40,000 households connections including the construction of major pump stations and treatments plants to manage these sewer networks.

Sotravic has sound experience in designing, upgrading and installing sewerage networks in many difficult types of terrain and densely populated areas to meet the growing demands of society and also protecting the environment.